Aimée Élizabeth Raynare (née Lamoureux) is the Headteacher and Transfiguration Professor at Amortentia School of Witchcraft and Sorcery.

Appearance Edit

Aimée is 240 years old, but has the appearance of a 25 year old. She is a fair brunette with blue eyes and strong jawlines. She is over 5ft and is fairly underweight.

Relationships Edit

Ashleigh Lamoureux Edit

Aimée is close to her younger sister Ashleigh. She tends to confide in her more than Aria and has a close bond with her. They have their ups and downs, being from different houses but similar minds think alike.

Aria Sinistra Edit

Aimée is close to her younger sister Aria. She has a tendency to understand Aria's perspective sometimes, both being Ravenclaws, but do have disagreements often. Aria admires and respects Aimée for doing well.

Alex Sinistra and Eden Fortesque Edit

Aimée is shown to have a good relationship with her stepmother Alex, as her and Arnie have a daughter Eden together. Aimée shows a close bond with her half-sister Eden.

Arnie Lamoureux Edit

Aimée adores her father, more so than her mother. He has always been there for her and her sisters, when her mother has not. She admires her father and aspires to be successful, making him proud. He has not always approved of her choice in partners, which is ironic to his divorces and his mother's separations.

Alby, Emilie and Noella Fortesque Edit

Aimée gets on fairly well with her nieces Alby, Emilie and Noella.

Feu Monrova Edit

Feu is the ex-husband of Aimée. They met at work and fell in love. Although her father were against it, he accepted their marriage, which resulted in their 2 children Avi and Kiara. Aimée later separated from him, only to renew their vows, but then to have an affair with 2 more children.

Avi Monrova Edit

Avi is the eldest child and son of Aimée. Avi has always had a close relationship with his mother, though is a Slytherin like his father.

Kiara Monrova Edit

Kiara is the second oldest child and eldest daughter of Aimée. She has had ups and downs with her mother, after having lived with her aunt Aria for a period of time and being cared for by her aunt Ashleigh. They have reconciled.

Roosje Raynare Edit

Roosje is the third oldest child and second eldest daughter of Aimée. Roosje is shown to have a shy and tender nature, which her mother adores. It's clear that Aimée did not approve of her daughter Roosje marrying Maurice, much like her own father didn't of her marriage with Feu. Roosje had a daughter, and then divorced.

Hayder Raynare Edit

Hayder is the second eldest child, and youngest child of Aimée. Hayder and Roosje are twins, with Roosje being the older one. Hayder is shown to be quite mischievous to Aimée's dismay.

Emma Monrova and Rikkie Ice Edit

Emma and Rikkie are the granddaughters of Aimée, daughters of Avi and Roosje respectively. With her son Avi, she has had a close relationship, so the same thing happens with her grandddaughter Emma, who takes after her. With her granddaughter Rikkie, she has a shy nature like her mother Roosje.

Jade and Anastasia Lamoureux Edit

Aimée admires her Aunt Jade's sassy and quirky personality. She admires Jade for her confidence, as well as her dominance of her father Arnie. Aimée, however, has never formally met her paternal grandmother Anastasia, only seen her in photos.

Trivia Edit

  • Aimée is 240 years old, born 1777.
  • Aimée has 4 children in total, with 2 grandchildren.
  • She is the DADA Professor.
  • She has been around Europe.