Amortentia School of Witchcraft and Sorcery is a wizarding school located between Wales and Cornwall on an island. Founded in the 1990s by Minister Avi Monrova, the school is opened to students and young wizards across the British Isles, France, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere.

Leadership Roles Edit

Aimée Monrova (Headteacher)

Ashleigh Sparrow (Head-Professor)

Arnie Fortesque (Deputy Headteacher, Lower School)

Alby Fortesque (Deputy Headteacher, Upper School)

Head of Houses Edit

Miss Emma Monrova (Head of Gryffindor)

Miss Roosje Monrova (Head of Hufflepuff)

Miss Belle Beaumont (Head of Ravenclaw)

Miss Vanna Arcee (Head of Slytherin)

Subject Departments Edit

Mr Aaron Fortesque (Head of Department 1)

Mr Liam Ollivander (Deputy Head of Department 1)

Miss Aria Knight (Head of Department 2)

Miss Eden Fortesque (Deputy Head of Department 2)

Ms Lucy Fortesque (Head of Department 3)

Mrs Alex Fortesque (Deputy Head of Department 3)

Teaching Staff as of Nov 1 2017 Edit

Miss Mystie Lyndfeld (Alchemy)

Mrs Alex Fortesque (Ancient Runes)

Mr Harri Knight (Arithmancy)

Ms Lucy Fortesque (Additional Arithmancy)

Miss Aria Knight (Astronomy)

Ms Alby Fortesque (Charms)

Miss Vanna Arcee (COMC)

Dr Aimée Monrova (DADA)

Miss Emma Monrova (Divination)

Dr Arnie Fortesque (Additional Divination)

Mr Liam Ollivander (Duelling)

Mr Aaron Fortesque (Herbology)

Miss Eden Fortesque (History of Magic)

Mr Benn Prescott (Magical Theory)

Miss Ashleigh Sparrow (Potions)