Arnold 'Arnie' Jérôme Lamoureux is the Assistant Headteacher at the Amortentia School of Witchcraft and Sorcery.

Appearance Edit

Arnie is just around 6ft with a skinny figure. Although 793 years of age, he has the appearance resembling a middle aged man in his early 50s. His short hair is a light soft brown with deep blue eyes/

Relationships Edit

Aimée Raynare Edit

Arnie has a good relationship with his daughter Aimée, as he is quite good at giving advice. Aimée appears to take after her father as they have a keen interest in knowledge and intelligence. Aimée has always admired her father, especially given she never had her mother around. Arnie confides in Aimée more than his other daughters, although he loves them just as much. It is evident that he, however, did not approve of her marriage to Feu Monrova, though she ended up having 2 children with him, shortly after having an affair, which resulted in 2 more children and an engagement to said man.

Ashleigh Sweary and Aria Winters Edit

Arnie gets on well with his daughters Ashleigh and Aria. It's shown that Ashleigh and Aria have their mother's temper and mood swings, which Arnie can find difficult. He still loves them and tries to confide in them when they're upset. Like with Aimée, he is there for them during a time of struggle (i.e. Aria's divorce from Max). He has not entirely been supportive of Aria's marriage to Max, much like with Aimée but has still supported it.

Alex Sinistra Edit

Arnie hired Alex to be the Potions Professor during his daughter Ashleigh's absence. He fell head over heels for her and proposed in a week of knowing. Once Ashleigh returned, Alex resumed the position of Ancient Runes Professor, to which Arnie is training her. Arnie feels an affection for Alex and they have a daughter Eden together. It is shown that Arnie is supportive of LGBT, as his wife Alex is bisexual and their daughter Eden is bisexual, presumably inherited from her mother, though shown that other relatives are genderfluid or genderflux.

Eden Lamoureux Edit

Eden is the daughter of Arnie and Alex Fortesque. Eden is quite rebellious, much to Arnie's dismay. When punishing her, Alex seems to contradict Arnie, much to his dismay.

Belle Beaumont Edit

Belle is the maternal 1st cousin of Arnie, whom he is somewhat quite fond of.

Alby Fortesque Edit

Alby is, though genderflux, the biological granddaughter of Arnie, daughter of Amy. Much like his relationship to Aimée, Arnie has always been close with Alby. He often confides in him, as he does with him.

Émilie Fortesque Edit

Emilie is the daughter of Arnie. Emilie has a good bond with her grandfather Arnie. They both have a keen interest of the French and Spanish languages, as well as the desire to travel abroad. They have similar interests, and share that desire for knowledge.

Noella Lamoureux Edit

Noella is the granddaughter of Arnie, daughter of Amy. Like her sisters, Noella gets on with Arnie. It's clear that he gets sentimental when looking at her, proven by the fact that Noella appears like her mother, with similar pinkish-magenta hair.

Avi Monrova Edit

Avi is the grandson of Arnie, son of Aimée. Avi often gets on with Arnie, as they often socialise regularly as Arnie asks for advice from his grandson. Avi and Noella have a daughter together.

Emma Monrova Edit

Emma is the great-granddaughter of Arnie, daughter of Noella and Avi. Arnie often cares for Emma well, as Emma reminds him of a youthful Aimée.

Lucy/Luke Fortesque Edit

Luke/Lucy is the granddaughter of Arnie, daughter of Emilie. Luke is shown to get on with Arnie, much like he does with Alby. Luke is shown to be quite mischievous but had also got a fun loving side to them, as told from Emilie about her upbringing.

Willow Fortesque Edit

Willow is the grandaughter of Arnie, daughter of Emilie. Willow is shown to be 13 and often cared for by Arnie. Arnie is often overwhelmed by her enthusiasm and joyful manner.

Aaron Fortesque Edit

Aaron is the great-grandson of Arnie, and son of Alby. Aaron is shown to be quite determined and proud, which Arnie admires.

Jade Lamoureux Edit

Jade is the younger sister of Arnie. Arnie has always had a special place for his sister Jade.

Moon Delacour Edit

Moon is the younger sister of Arnie. Moon and Arnie sometimes have disagreements, though they get on for the whole part. He employed her to be the High Inquisitor.

Anastasia Delacour Edit

Anastasia is the mother of Arnie and Jade. Arnie has always cared for his mother, upset of her absence in his adolescence. it's clear that, Arnie takes after his mother and was upset over his parent's separation.

Jérôme Lamoureux Edit

Jérôme is the father of Arnie and Jade. Once Jérôme griefed Anastasia's house, they divorced. Arnie has always sided with his mother, which has lead to Arnie not getting on with his weak and unconfident father. Although Arnie has a lot of his low confidence and weak behaviour from his father, he has his mother's personality, causing a rift between him and his father.

Trivia Edit

  • Arnie speaks English, French, German, Spanish and Norwegian.
  • He is interested in European languages.
  • He has 13 daughters.
  • He is the Divination Professor at Amortentia School.
  • He is the Assistant Headteacher.
  • It's known he likes Poetry and writing.
  • Arnie is 793 years of age, born February 32 1225.
  • Arnie loves the colours red, hot pink and purple.
  • Arnie is both (mainly) a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw, both for his intelligent mind and tender nature.