appearance Edit

luke is 5ft 6, she has a long skinny figure, luke has a long diamond shaped face, with round green eyes. she has long brown hair that has long dip dye at the ends. luke is very pretty as well.

personality Edit

luke is very generous and creative. her ideas come out of no where but shine through her in many ways. Luke is very friendly and tries to be nice to everyone, even to people she doesn't like. she also enjoys learning new things, taking an adventure is just the thing she needs. lucy loves attention and loves spending time with friends and family, it makes her happy.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

-likes every animal, especially horses and snakes

-dislikes when people talk about her behind her back

-likes spending time with family and friends

dislikes spiders, the one animal she doesn't like

Identity Edit

luke is gender fluid, if you don't know what it means it is a gender identity best described as a dynamic mix of boy and girl. When your gender fluid you may feel like a mix of the two genders, but then may feel more boy one day, and more girl other days. Luke's real name is Lucy but she normally feels more masculine then feminine most days so she requests for people to call her by her masculine name Luke. Her pronouns are they and he. Use whichever makes you feel comfortable, Luke doesn't mind. Luke supports the LGBT+ community and always will.

Relationships Edit

Alby Fortesque- Edit

Alby is also gender fluid like luke so she always feels like she can trust him. luke is very friendly towards Alby and enjoys spending time with him.

Émilie Fortesque- Edit

This is lukes mum, they have a nice comfortable relationship, luke really looks up to her and wants to be her when she grows older. Lucy loves having chats with her mum, she can to talk to her about basically anything.

Noella Fortesque- Edit

noella is one of lukes good friends even though they are related it doesn't seem like it sometimes, luke loves to share her cool ideas with noella, just letting them burst out of her, lucy finds novella fun and can have a good laugh with her.

Aaron Fortesque- Edit

luke isn't that close with Aaron but he is a determined and proud soul. and lucy likes that, she tries to be kind and friendly all the time to him, she would love to get closer

Arnold Fortesque- Edit

luke really likes her great grand father, she finds that she can always talk to him when she's down or just needs someone to listen to her for a bit. lucy