Noèlle 'Noe' Marie Ollivander (née Fortesque) was the former Head of Gryffindor and Flying Professor at Amortentia School of Witchcraft and Sorcery.

Appearance Edit

Noella is, around 200 years of age with the appearance of a beautiful 30 year old woman, with quite youthful cheeks, full of pinkish colour. Her hair is a fair purple/magenta, resembling her mother's hair. She has blue eyes, like her other relatives and has a pale European complexion.

Relationships Edit

Alby and Émilie Fortesque Edit

Her closest sisters, Noella is extremely close to her sisters, who she considers her best friends.

Arnie Fortesque Edit

Noella has, to some extent, respect for her maternal grandfather Arnie. He often states how Noella resembles her mother, his daughter Amy.

Amy Fortesque Edit

Noella has, never had a close or good relationship with her mother Amy, especially having only faint memories of her from infancy.

Eliza Scamander Edit

Noella has never been close to her older sister Liz/Rizu, but have similar personalities.

Avi Monrova Edit

Noella was engaged to Avi Monrova, then cancelled it. After she had discovered she was pregnant with their daughter Emma, she became engaged again, eventually marrying him. She later separated from Avi and divorced him after meeting Liam Ollivander.

Emma Monrova Edit

Emma is the only daughter of Noella. Noella never married during Emma's upbringing, so that she could give all of her attention to her daughter. She was proud when Emma graduated NEWTs and became a Professor.

Liam Ollivander Edit

Liam is Noella's 2nd husband. They got married after Emma's adolescence.

Aimée Monrova Edit

Both her maternal aunt and ex-mother-in-law, Noella had a good relationship with Aimée. Aimée was fond of her niece Noella, and a bit disappointed when she left Avi. Aimée still values Noella with good professor skills and working with other people.

Aria Knight and Ashleigh Sparrow Edit

Noella has a fairly decent relationship with her maternal aunts, neither perfect nor dreadful.

Jade Fortesque Edit

Noella is shown to admire her great-aunt Jade for her sassy and quirky personality, and her dominance of her grandfather Arnie.

Trivia Edit

  • Noella is over 200 years old, with the appearance of a 30 year old. This presumes that Noella was born sometime in the late 1700s, while her sisters are in their late 170s, born in the 1800s.
  • Noella has purple-magenta hair, from her mother.
  • Noella currently, after resigning from her post as Head of Gryffindor and Flying Professor, resides with her also not long resigned sister Émilie at her house, with her daughter Willow.
  • She is shown to be fond of the colour pink.
  • Noella likes Art, as does her grandfather Arnie.
  • Although not a huge fan of poetry, she respects it as a form of art.
  • Noella is shown to hate 'people'.
  • Noella resents her grandfather Arnie on a level for being good at languages, not inheriting the Parseltongue ability. It is unknown if Alby has this ability, as he is a slytherin. This could be why Noella is closer to Em than Alby, because of houses?